About Us

Boogeymen Productions was founded in Fall 2013 by long time Upstate New York musician Kevin Heckeler after many years doing production for local bands, internet projects, and his own music. Originally Kevin worked with 4 track tape technology, then immediately branched into using entirely computer based production once it became cost effective. Since 2001 he has been offering his music online (often for free), and has worked with several musicians around the country entirely through the internet.  Check out some of the samples provided on this page and contact us to learn more.


It's relatively easy nowadays to capture audio using a computer input.  Our services focus on what to do AFTER you have your instrument(s) recorded, and how to make the final mix sound the very best it can.  We also offer digital restoration services for your old cassette and reel-to-reel recordings that you imported but can't get sounding their very best.  In addition, video producers might find our service handy for quick optimization of their audio tracks.  Services start as low as $20.  Personalized training also available.

Case Study 1 - Mix and Master

In 2014 Kevin worked with Mars on the Horizon (M.o.t.H) to mix and master 17 of their songs. He had 2 months to complete the mixes. The songs were done in 8 weeks. These were mastered for a live studio vibe, so no loudness war squashing and/or ducking used. "East of Eden" was the first of the 17 tracks mixed and showcases the band's raw energy. The homepage also features the track "Spinner's End".

Case Study 2 - Remix

This is an example of a remix where Jay Psi sent a raw dump of multitrack WAV files from their music software. All instruments already had effects applied (which limited what could be done), but the results are evident. They were so pleased they permitted use of this remix on the site as an example. Click listen below to hear an excerpt of Jay Psi's Mix, then Boogeymen Production's mix.